Breakfast with Bob: Kona Edition

Breakfast with Bob: Kona Edition

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Breakfast with Bob: Kona Edition
  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Luc Van Lierde

    Episode 1

    Luc Van Lierde was the rare Ironman who won the world championship as a rookie, which he did in 1996. Luc, in his first-ever Ironman and running his first-ever marathon, also broke the Ironman course record that day.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Ken Glah

    Episode 2

    Ken Glah is a freak of nature. Believe it or not, Ken is going for his 35th consecutive finish here in Kona. That’s right. 35 in a row. He is a USA Triathlon Hall of Fame inductee, the owner of Endurance Sports Travel, and in his career as a pro he won six Ironman titles.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Glenn Hartrick

    Episode 3

    Glenn Hartrick was paralyzed four years ago when a car made an illegal u-turn in front of him while he was out cycling. Glenn was an Ironman before his injury, came back to complete Ironman Florida and is now racing for the very first time in Kona.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Braden Currie

    Episode 4

    Kiwi Braden Currie beat Javier Gomez at the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship in Cairns, going 7:54 and running sub-2:40, so he comes in to the Ironman World Championship with confidence that he can go head to head with the best in the sport, and is looking to have a great race.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Anne Haug

    Episode 5

    Anne Haug is racing Kona for the first time. After a 30th place in Rio at the Olympics, she moved to Ironman 70.3 and won her first race at Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote while breaking the run course record by four minutes. At Ironman Frankfurt she was fourth and at Ironman 70.3 Worlds she was third wit...

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Marcus Cook

    Episode 6

    Marcus Cook was a jelly donut or twelve shy of 500 pounds-yep 500 pounds- and completed an Ironman less than two years later. Does our sport change lives for the better every single day? Marcus Cook is a living, breathing, racing Kona example!!

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Andreas Dreitz

    Episode 7

    Andreas Dreitz from Germany has been dreaming about racing here in Kona for years and is finally getting his first opportunity. He has had a solid season highlighted by a second place at Challenge Roth, which was basically a hometown race for him.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Leanda Cave

    Episode 8

    In 2012, Leanda Cave became the first woman to win both the Ironman 70.3 World Championship and the Ironman World Championship in the same year. Leanda decided to hang up her professional racing shoes this year, so she joins us this year on Breakfast with Bob as a race spectator.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Helle Frederiksen

    Episode 9

    Helle Frederiksen was a dominant player on the half Iron distance scene, but the past few years have been plagued with injuries. This year she is here to take on Kona for the very first time.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Frederick Van Lierde

    Episode 10

    The 2013 Ironman World Champion has had a great year and is hopeful he can get back to the podium.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Craig Alexander

    Episode 11

    The three-time Ironman World Champion chatted about making the transition from the Olympic distance to 70.3 and then the full Ironman. After winning in both 2008 and 2009, he ended up fourth in 2010 and had to change his game significantly to reclaim his title in 2011.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Sarah True

    Episode 12

    Sarah True is a two-time Olympian who ran a 2:54 marathon on her way to a second place finish behind Daniela Ryf in her first-ever Ironman at Ironman Frankfurt. She won’t be intimidated by the moment at her first-ever Ironman World Championship, her second Ironman.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Mark Allen

    Episode 13

    The accolades and accomplishments of Mark Allen in Kona are long and legendary. While Mark may best be thought of for his epic Iron War victory over Dave Scott in 1989, his amazing 5 wins in a row may be most noteworthy. But for Mark, he may tell you his final win in 1995 was his best race. We ch...

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Jim Vance

    Episode 14

    Coach Jim Vance talked with us about the success he’s had working with Ben Kanute, and some of their training philosophies.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Sarah True 4th Place

    Episode 15

    It was another 4th place for Sarah yesterday at the Ironman World Championship. But for the former Olympian making her debut in Kona (in only her second Ironman), it was a memorable day, and a satisfying day.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Tim O’Donnell

    Episode 16

    Timothy O’Donnell is now training under the tutelage of Julie Dibens and recently finished up a tough training camp in hot and windy Kansas. He was fifth in Kona in 2013 and third in 2015 and has shown that he is fearless when it comes to going to the front on the bike.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Siri Lindley

    Episode 17

    A walking, talking ray of sunshine and positivity, Siri always brightens our day when she visits us on Breakfast with Bob. We talked with Siri about her stellar athletes racing Kona this year, including the 3-time World Champion Mirinda Carfrae and Kaisa Sali.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Scott Molina and Erin Baker

    Episode 18

    Two-time Ironman World Champion Erin Baker and her husband and 1988 champion Scott Molina, were inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame on Wednesday evening here in Kona. Erin chatted about her intense rivalry with Paula Newby-Fraser and Scott shared what it took to finally win the most important ...

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Natascha Badmann

    Episode 19

    The 6-time Ironman World Champion makes her first appearance on Breakfast with Bob to go through her unbelievable career.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Matt Russell

    Episode 20

    Matt Russell is lucky to be alive after a van pulled in front of him during the bike portion of last year’s Ironman. What did it take to get back on his bike and deal with traffic again? How happy is he just to be at the starting line again and how did coming back from his horrific accident chang...

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Lionel Sanders

    Episode 21

    Lionel Sanders has come back from drug and alcohol abuse to become one of the most popular athletes in the sport. Last year he did everything right, built a 10 minute lead over Patrick Lange off the bike and followed that with a 2:51 marathon. He was caught in the last few miles of the run, but h...

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Julie Moss

    Episode 22

    Julie Moss is the woman who helped put the sport of triathlon and the Ironman on the map. Her finish in February of 1982 changed our sport forever and her new book ‘Crawl of Fame’ was just released. Julie’s grit and never-say-die spirit helped to make the sport what it is today.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: Josh Amberger & Ashleigh Gentle

    Episode 23

    Josh Amberger & Ashleigh Gentle are one of our elite tri couples. Josh led the way out of the swim last year here in Kona and has had a solid season. Ashleigh is coming off winning the Grand Final of the WTS Series in a sprint finish on the Gold Coast of Australia.

  • 2018 Breakfast with Bob from Kona: James Cunnama

    Episode 24

    James Cunnama surprised himself by finishing fifth last year. Both he and his coach Brett Sutton thought 2018 would be his year. A major bike crash that left him five double fractured ribs and a punctured lung early in the season was bad. Becoming a daddy of Jack three days after the crash was aw...