Breakfast with Bob: Stay at Home Edition

Breakfast with Bob: Stay at Home Edition

34 Episodes

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Breakfast with Bob: Stay at Home Edition
  • Breakfast with Bob Stay Home Edition: Lucy Charles-Barclay

    Episode 1

    It’s not often that someone jumps into the sport of triathlon and has immediate success. But UK’s Lucy Charles-Barclay, in three short years as a pro, has taken second in Kona three years in a row, won the Challenge Championship three times, and in 2019 won Challenge Roth. Next up? She and her hu...

  • Breakfast with Bob Stay Home Edition: John Maclean

    Episode 2

    John Maclean was paralyzed from the waist down back in 1988 when he was hit by a truck while out cycling. He was training for a triathlon at the time. He came back to become the first wheelchair athlete to finish the Ironman World Championship in 1997, swim the English channel, and medal in the P...

  • Breakfast with Bob Stay Home Edition: Jesse Thomas

    Episode 3

    In his last triathlon before he retired, Jesse Thomas went sub-eight hours at the 2018 Challenge Roth while also running sub-2 : 45 and finishing third. Who else’s last race before they retired was a bucket list sub-eight? Not a bad way for the former Stanford steeplechase star, six-time Wildflo...

  • Breakfast with Bob Stay Home Edition: Gwen Jorgensen

    Episode 4

    Gwen Jorgensen didn’t connect with the sport of triathlon until 2010. By 2012 she raced in her first Olympic Games in London and then she became the most dominant triathlete on the planet, winning 13 WTS races in a row before winning the Gold in Rio in 2016. She moved from triathlon to running af...

  • Breakfast with Bob Stay Home Edition: Jordan Bryden

    Episode 5

    Canada’s Jordan Bryden got into the sport of triathlon at the age of nine and is coming off of a great year in 2019 where he won both Ultraman Canada and the Ultraman World Championship under the guidance of legendary coach Julie Dibens. We chatted about Jordan's career and the 12- and 24-hour Ju...

  • Breakfast with Bob Stay Home Edition: Cam Wurf

    Episode 6

    It's Breakfast with Bob: Stay Home Edition and we welcome Cam Wurf to the virtual set. Is there a better person to interview when we could all use a little ray of sunshine in our lives than Cam Wurf? The guy is about to become a daddy for the very first time, and who else on the planet has: won I...

  • Breakfast with Bob Stay Home Edition: Sarah Crowley

    Episode 7

    Since 2016, Aussie Sarah Crowley has gone fifteenth, third, sixth, and third at the Ironman World Championship. She finished out the 2019 season with a huge win at Ironman Arizona and has been down in Noosa training for the 2020 season. We chatted about everything from her breakthrough season in ...

  • Breakfast with Bob Stay Home Edition: Chris and Nik Nikic

    Episode 8

    20-year-old Chris Nikic plans to become the first athlete with Down syndrome to finish a full Ironman and on December 6th he’ll be racing his favorite event at Challenge Daytona. Chris and his dad Nik came on to chat about Chris’ amazing journey.

  • Breakfast with Bob Stay Home Edition: Bill Christy

    Episode 9

    Bill Christy is the CEO of Challenge North America and on December 6th, at his Challenge Daytona event on the Daytona Speedway, the top professional triathletes on the planet will be racing for $1,000,000 at the PTO Championship.

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Dave Scott

    Episode 10

    Dave Scott is one of the most recognized athletes and coaches in the sport of triathlon. He is the first triathlete to have won the IRONMAN World Championships 6 times. As a Master Coach at IRONMAN U, he is uniquely qualified to share his tips and insights from 14. Dave currently devotes his time...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Greg Welch

    Episode 11

    Gregory Welch “Greg” is acknowledged as one of the greatest triathletes due to his remarkable dominance in winning the “The Grand Slam” ,which includes the ITU Triathlon World Championships (1990), The Ironman World Championship (1994), the ITU Duathlon World Championships (1993) and the Long Co...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Haven Shepard

    Episode 12

    Haven began her life as an orphan in Vietnam who lost her legs, and her parents, in a family suicide attempt. In a twist of fate, the Shepherd family adopted Haven and brought her to Carthage, MO, where she joined six siblings, and fit right in. ompeting against older athletes at the Endeavor Gam...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - David Samson

    Episode 13

    David Samson was the President of the Florida Marlins from 2002 to 2017 and was there in 2003 when the Marlins shocked the world by winning the World Series. David also hosts a podcast called ‘Nothing Personal’ and has completed the Ironman World Championship, plus seven marathons in seven days o...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Max Fennell

    Episode 14

    An injury ended Max Fennell‘s promising soccer career. Next up was the sport of triathlon where he became the first African American professional triathlete. After that was a stint on Lebron James’ ‘Million Dollar Mile’ TV show where he was a defender known as ‘The Machine.’ Max also shared some ...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Erin Baker and Scott Molina

    Episode 15

    From our Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home Edition show, enjoy this interview with Ironman Triathlon legends Erin Baker and Scott Molina.
    Erin Baker and Scott Molina are two of the most decorated triathletes of all time and in 2018 they were inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame together. In thi...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Nicole Bostick New York City Triathlon

    Episode 16

    Nicole Bostick, Associate Marketing Director at Life Time. The Verizon New York City Triathlon is owned and produced by Life Time, the premier healthy lifestyle brand. It is among more than 30 premier athletic events owned by the company, as a part of its healthy way of life philosophy, includin...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Rudy Garcia-Tolson

    Episode 17

    No story is more unique than that of 26-year-old Paralympic gold medalist swimmer Rudy Garcia-Tolson. He stands alone as the world’s first double above-knee amputee to ever complete an Ironman triathlon. The astounding feat in 2009 earned him an ESPY nomination the following year. You may say, Im...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - John McAvoy

    Episode 18

    You can really turn this into a positive," says McAvoy who broke world records on a rowing machine and turned his life around in 10 years in prison. John McAvoy is the ultimate example of the impact that sport can have on someone's life.

    When he was 24, the Londoner was sentenced to life in pris...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Mirinda Carfrae

    Episode 19

    Mirinda Carfrae is an Australian professional triathlete and an Ironman Triathlon world champion. Carfrae has achieved podium positions in six of her seven attempts at the Ironman World Championships. Carfrae held the Ironman Championship course record (set in 2013), until 2016 when it was beaten...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Sam Long

    Episode 20

    Sam Long first found his way into triathlon purely by chance, and with no small sacrifice.
    “I tore my MCL skiing in my senior year of high school and decided to do an IM as my rehab. The rest is history,” he says. Sam notched IRONMAN 70.3 victories at Chattanooga and Victoria in 2019 as well. Sam...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Meredith Kessler

    Episode 21

    Meredith Kessler is America’s Most Decorated Ironman Athlete. Meredith Kessler has been a sports lover since she was a kid—but it wasn’t until 2009 that she became a professional athlete. ne of the most decorated professional triathletes in the country, Kessler has won over a dozen triathlons and...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Marko Cheseto

    Episode 22

    In 2019 Marko Cheseto set a world record for the double-amputee in the Chicago marathon clocking a massive 2:37:23, shadowing his previous time of 2:42:24 which he registered earlier in the Boston marathon. Amazingly his dream is to compete with able-bodied athletes in marathons.
    Yet you can’t de...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Sean Astin

    Episode 23

    Sean Patrick Astin (né Duke; born February 25, 1971) is an American actor, producer and director. In the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Sean Astin played Samwise Gamgee, the faithful companion of Frodo Baggins. Astin also portrayed Rudy Ruettiger, whose story of overcoming tremendous odds to play f...

  • Breakfast with Bob 2020 Stay Home - Chris McCormack

    Episode 24

    With four World Championship titles to his name and countless more international race wins, Chris McCormack is one of the most successful athletes in the history of triathlon. The only male athlete to conquer every triathlon distance with World Championship gold, Macca is considered the most comp...