The Tour Today with Steve Fleck

The Tour Today with Steve Fleck

21 Episodes

For a variety of reasons, this may be one of the most interesting and intriguing Tour de France's in years! Watch as Steve Fleck hosts a daily 30 minute talk-show each day of the Tour, reviewing the racing of the day and previewing the following day's stage.

The Tour Today with Steve Fleck
  • Stage 1 with guest, Alex Stieda

    Episode 1

    Join Steve for a recap of Stage 1 of the Tour de France with commentator, coach of Juventus Cycling Club, and first North American to wear the yellow jersey, Alex Stieda.

  • Stage 2 with guest, Randy Ferguson

    Episode 2

    In today's episode, Steve reviews Stage 2 of the Tour de France with FloBikes Commentator, Randy Ferguson. Randy is also the official Announcer for the UCI MTB World Cup Series, as well as the UCI Road World Championships. He's also worked at both the Summer & Winter Olympic Games, and occasional...

  • Stage 3 with guest, Greg Wells

    Episode 3

    Steve discusses Stage 3 of the Tour de France with sports physiologist, founder of The Wells Group, and author of "The Ripple Effect", and "Rest Recovery, Recharge", Dr. Greg Wells.

  • Stage 4 with guest, Dirk Friel

    Episode 4

    Join Steve for a recap of Stage 4 of the Tour de France with Training Peaks Co-Founder, Dirk Friel. is a road racing cyclist from United States, active between 1993 and 2002. He started bike racing in 1982 at the age of twelve and has not stopped since. In 1992, while in Belgium, he turned profe...

  • Stage 5 with guest, Peter Abraham

    Episode 5

    Join Steve for a recap of Stage 5, and a detailed discussion of the business and marketing side of professional cycling, with Peter Abraham, one of the leading marketers in the business of endurance sports.

  • Stage 6 with guest, Rob Jones

    Episode 6

    In today's Episode Steve reviews the action on Stage 6 of The Tour, and talks with top Professional Cycling Photographer, Rob Jones, about what it's like to shoot at a Grand Tour. Canadian Rob Jones is one of the hardest working photographers in the sport. Circumnavigating the globe to bring us i...

  • Stage 7 with guest, Glen Innes

    Episode 7

    Today Steve breaks down a wild Stage 7 of the Tour, with his Guest, Glen Innes, a Sales Representative for Argon-18 Bicycles, with a detailed discussion of what it means for a bike brand to be involved at this level of bike racing!

  • Stage 8 with guest, Blythe Jack

    Episode 8

    In today's episode, Steve quickly sums up the action on Stage 8, the first of two tough Stages in the Pyrenees and talks with Blythe Jack, who quietly has become a key person in the bike business, with some fresh eyes, as she sits on the Board of Directors for Canyon Bikes.

  • Stage 9 with guest, Lily Hansen-Gillis

    Episode 9

    In Episode 9, Steve breaks down the action on Stage 9, talks about what the various Jerseys mean, and reviews the first chapter of this Tour de France with Lily Hansen-Gillis, the Web Editor for Canadian Cycling Magazine.

  • Stage 10 with guest, Gavin Brauer

    Episode 10

    In Episode 10, Steve quickly reviews the action on a manic Stage 10, and then has a detailed discussion with the Co-Founder and CEO of Kind Human Bicycles, Gavin Brauer, about their business and how they have had mostly ups in the pandemic, but a few challenges too.

  • Stage 11 with guest, Blair Clark

    Episode 11

    In Episode 11, with his Guest, Blair Clark, the President of Canyon USA, Steve reviews a wild and crazy Sprint Finish to Stage 11, and talks about how Canyon Bikes is changing the game in the U.S., and early next year - Canada!

  • Stage 12 with guest, Ryan Cooper

    Episode 12

    In episode 12, with his guest Ryan Cooper, from Training Peaks and Best Bike Split, Steve breaks down the action in Stage 12, and talks about aerodynamics and how to maximize performance on the bike.

  • Stage 13 with guest, Bob Babbitt

    Episode 13

    In Episode 13, Steve quickly summarizes the action from an exciting Stage 13, and then talks with his fellow Endurance Zone Host, and Founder of the Challenged Athlete Foundation, Bob Babbitt, about the relationship between cycling and triathlon!

  • Stage 14 with guest, Anne Guzman

    Episode 14

    In Episode 14, Steve reviews the Action on Stage 14, and then talks with his Guest, Sports Nutritionist, Anne Guzman about what the riders in the Tour de France are eating and drinking, and what regular cyclists can learn from all this?

  • Stage 15 with guest, Holden Comeau

    Episode 15

    In Episode 15, Steve quickly reviews the action from Stage 15 that eliminated some key contenders from the Yellow Jersey race, and then takes a fascinating deep dive into Zwift Racing with the Number One Ranked Zwift Rider in the world, Holden Comeau!

  • Stage 16 with Guest, Dev Paul

    Episode 16

    In Episode 16, Steve and his guest, cycling superfan, historian and good friend, Dev Paul break down the action in Stage 16, and what is to come in the final five Stages of the 2020 Tour de France.

  • Stage 17 with guest, Dr. Jennifer Heisz

    Episode 17

    In Episode 17 Steve quickly sums up the action from the Queen Stage of the Tour de France, and then has a detailed discussion with Dr. Jennifer Heisz about the connection between high intensity physical activity, brain function and mental health!

  • Stage 18 with guest, Howard Chang

    Episode 18

    In Episode 18, Steve and his guest, Co-founder and CEO of The Turn Lab quickly sum up Stage 18, the last big Stage in the high mountains, and then shift to a detailed discussion of marketing and the Tour de France - a race that was started over 100 years ago as a marketing exercise by a newspaper!

  • Stage 19 with guest, Dan Bigham

    Episode 19

    In Episode, 19, Steve and his Guest, top ranked track cyclist in the pursuit, and time trial specialist, Dan Bigham, quickly review Stage 19, and then take a deep dive into the all important Time Trial that could decide the Tour de France on Stage 20.

  • Stage 20 with guest, Tom Fowler

    Episode 20

    In Episode 20, Steve and his Guest, Tom Fowler, the President of Polar North America, review the drama, of the epic, and extraordinary events of Stage 20 - that decided the final outcome for the overall race of the 2020 Tour!

  • Stage 21 with guests, Randy Ferguson and Audrey Lemieux

    Episode 21

    In Episode 21, for the final Stage of the Tour, Steve, along with his guests, fellow commentators and announcers, Audrey Lemieux and Randy Ferguson, Review Stage 21, and wrap up the whole of the 2020 Tour with some final thoughts.